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What is Trading Talent?
Trading Talent是由伦敦Blueprint Capital金融交易公司开设的为期一天的交易员培训项目。该项目为对Trading感兴趣但缺少专业背景和实践经验的学生提供一个在专业交易员指导下学习和模拟FX交易的机会。该项目是一个以FX为主的高强度培训,为保证培训质量和效果,每一期项目以15人为上限。本项目旨在培养对金融交易感兴趣的学生的实践能力,并通过后续培训为其中最为优秀的学生提供在伦敦实习、就业的机会。
What are we doing &Why are we running Trading Talent course?
Blueprint Capital是一家在伦敦金融街的金融交易公司,公司业务以全球期货和外汇交易为主,管理层由多位20年以上丰富的世界级投行从业经验的资深交易员组成。我们主要通过discretionary 和 automated algorithmic trading的交易方法进行业务交易。鉴于公司的主营业务公司开设这一培训项目的目的主要是为培养和发掘优秀的交易员,成为公司重要的人才储备。
What can you get after the course?
在前4期的培训中,我们从60个学员中挑选最优秀的4个学员,并提供为期一个月的专业的FX外汇交易培训(收费培训),由Reza直接指导。Reza拥有10多年的股票、外汇和指数化交易经验,以及3年的FX Trading培训师经验。培训包括模拟交易,实况交易,学员通过对比、建模等,旨在让学员获得更为直接实用的交易经验。具体内容将在课程介绍时详细介绍。在一个月的培训之后,最优秀的学员将获得公司的正式实习或全职工作机会(a full backup trader)。为了更好得挖掘学员作为一个交易员的潜力,在培训之后,学员可以建立自己的交易账户并直接参与交易。与此同时,学员也可以订阅我们的每日交易分析报告,了解最新资讯。
(Head of trading education and business development)
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Trading Talent— Blueprint Capital
What is Trading Talent?
Trading Talent is a one-day training course taking place during the weekend. It is an opportunity for anyone who is interested in trading but lacks professional knowledge or live experience; it is also
convenient for whoever works or studies. It is an intensive and well-organised trading course on FX. To ensure course quality and effectiveness, we keep the course boutique, 15 persons per course at max. The first four courses starting from November are free to all students.
The one-day training course is designed mainly to arouse people’s interest in trading with our professional training. The course is just the first stage of company’s talent project, with follow on training available, we look forward to welcoming you.
What are we doing &why are we running Trading Talent course?
Blueprint Capital is a dynamic and vibrant proprietary futures and foreign exchange trading company. Privately owned and based in the City of London, we are active traders in FX markets and on the major global futures exchanges. We make money through discretionary and automated algorithmic trading, based on our quantitative knowledge and trading experience.As mentioned earlier, the main motivation of this course is to look for our new talents. Unlike talents in other industries or areas, trading talents need professional guidance except for self-discovery.
What can you get after the course?
We will select the best four trainees from the first four course, which is around 60 trainees in total, and offer their exclusive chance to continue their learning in FX trading with another one month paid course.
This time, it will be delivered by mentor Reza, who has three year teaching experience in this particular course. One extraordinary feature in this course is that Reza will display his live trading on trainee so that four trainees can not only trade on his or her demo account but also observe mentor’s trading. With the help of it, trainees are gaining direct trading experience via comparison, modelling, etc. More detailed course structure will be available over our talk.
Moreover, after this one-month course, only one trainee will be chosen under our criteria and granted as internship/full-time job in our company as a full backup trader. We are making all efforts to unveil trainee’s trading potential and do wish our trainees hold the same thoughts as we do.
After finishing the courses, trainees are more than welcomed to set up an account and start trading right away! If you are not interested in setting up an account or taking more training courses with us now, it is still a good bargain to subscribe for our exclusive daily analysis report.  More information on that will be available by request.
Application Please send your CV and personal interest in trading to   (Head of trading education and business development)
Deadline:29th October  (1st course from 1st November), 4th November (2nd course from  8th November)
Contact:+44(0)2031026955   45 King William street, London , EC4R 9AN