Second hand stuffs for CSSA

Dear all
I have a few things for sale for those who may be interested:
1) 1 rice cooker, almost new, 10 Pounds
2) 1 food chopper, 10 pounds
3) 1 ThinkPad DVD player with USB connection: 8 Pounds
4) 1 TV aerial and signal amplifier: 10 Pounds
5) 1 new amlified high performance indoor aerial for TV: 10 Pounds.
The signal amplifier can make your TV recieve many channels with enhaced signals without plugging it to the main aerial socket at home. You can also combine the signal amplifier with the main aerial socket to enhance the quality of the pictures of your TV. The signal amplifier is new and bought with price of 25 Pounds. Now the whole set of aerial and the signal amplifier is just 10 Pounds only.
Detail pictures are attached in the email.
Please write to if you are interested in these stuffs.
Best regards!