MayBall Ticket Wish List

亲爱的剑桥小伙伴们, lent term即将开始,一年一度的May Ball抢票狂潮又要开始了。每个学院的May Ball各有不同,你想参加哪个学院的May Ball呢?
为了方便大家更多更详细地了解May Ball,互通有无,并寻找志同道合的小伙伴们一起参加狂欢, 我们为大家建立了一个May Ball wish 统计平台。 平台包括三个部分,首先是大家填写自己的信息,然后 勾选自己希望参加的学院May Ball,最后希望参加过某个May Ball的童鞋们可以用一句话总结这个学院May Ball的特色并打分,多多益善!

【Mayball Ticket Wishlist】
Dear friends, Lent term begins and it’s the time to prepare for the May Ball ticket rush this year! Almost every college will host its own ball, which one do you prefer?
We are now introducing a platform for conveying information on May Balls. The platform is consisting three parts: your personal information, your desired ball and some feedbacks! It would be tremendous helpful if you could send us your remarks of previous experiences on May ball! We will publish all information and help you book your desired may ball tickets when they are available!
You are perfectly welcome to participate in this survey!
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