Diaspora Emerging Leadership Programme (DELP) Recruitment Information

We are recruiting the next Emerging Chinese Leaders
The Diaspora Group was founded by Lord Wei of Shoreditch and his management team. The Diaspora Group is an organisation established to help mobilise, harness and connect talented Chinese and other diaspora leaders around the world to help them improve their own lives and the lives of the world-wide community.
The inaugural Emerging Leaders Programme was launched in 2013 in the UK. It is a twelve month scheme to train, support and connect the leaders of tomorrow who want to help shape the 21st century. Participants on the leadership programme are currently undertaking a series of activities over twelve months, including:
– Participating in group mentoring sessions with Lord Wei, guest mentors and the Diaspora management team on a monthly basis
– Guest mentors including Alok Sharma MP, the Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party, Anna Lo AM
– the Northern Irish Assembly Member, Carole Stone, YouGov Founder, Rob Butler, International Communications Advisor and Ning Li, CEO of Made.com
– Undertaking team research projects to build on team-working skills and develop initiatives benefiting diaspora and British communities, society in general, and global trade
We are now receiving applications for Diaspora Emerging Leadership Programme 2014. If you see yourself being the next emerging leader (regardless of your nationality and profession), click on the link below to find out more about the programme and application process: www.diasporaleadership.co.uk/leadership/