Chongqing Normal University is Recruiting oversea scholars

The Chongqing Normal University, P.R. China is recruiting oversea scholars in various fields. The university is located at the center of
the education and culture district, Shapingba District, Chongqing, with a new and beautiful campus and well-known academic reputation.
The College of Life Sciences is waiting to warmly welcome you. We are expecting the scholars with PhD in the fields below but not limited to these fields:
1. Entomology (Mosquito and Mosquito-born Disease, Insect Diapause, Insect Molecular Biology, Insect Genomics);
2. Bioinformatics (Genome Sequencing and Annotation, Genome Bioinformatics, Comparative Genomics and Evolution, Genome-wide Molecular Mechanism);
3. Structural Biology;
4. Apiology (Bee Physiology and Biology);
5. Freshwater Ecology;
6. Aquatic Ecology (Bioremediation of Waterbody);
7. Food Quality and Safety;
8. Health Food;
9. Protista (Systemetics and Etiology);
10. Mycology;
11. Plant Molecular Genetics;
12. Teaching Method of Biology.
If anyone would have interest to join hem, please feel free to contact
Prof. Chen at