Swire Group Summer Internship Programme 2015

The application for the Swire Summer Internship Programme 2015 has been open for application (closing date: 25 January 2015). We welcome you to visit our website at www.swire.com/internship [3] and submit your application. Don’t miss the chance to get a head start on a career with Swire!
Our Programme provides outstanding students who are passionate about joining Swire the opportunity to understand our businesses through
hands-on experience. The range of activities and projects you will work on are designed to set you up with the experience and leadership skills you need for a career in general management here.
The internship commences in early July 2015 and lasts seven weeks. Additionally, at the end of August we require all interns to attend a
half day presentation. To begin the Programme, candidates will go through a comprehensive induction to gain a better understanding of
Swire’s core values and business structure, as well as the latest developments. Interns will then be posted to one of our operating
companies, including but not limited to Swire Properties Limited or Cathay Pacific Airways Limited, to work on a specific business-related project in Hong Kong or Mainland China. We carefully consider interns’personalities and Swire’s own business needs when determining the business stream/operating company to which interns are assigned.
We offer formal mentoring and performance feedback throughout the Programme, to help you prepare for corporate life. Plus, after your
internship, you will be given an opportunity for early selection into The Swire Group Staff Management Trainee Programme in 2016.