Chinese New Year Is Approaching!

1. The greetings from vice chancellor of Cambridge University
2. The new year greetings from celebrities
3. High Lights of 2015 Cambridge Chinese New Year Gala
4. Travel Strategy in Cambridge
5. CSSA CNY GALA official website release
6. CSSA CNY GALA Sponsors
Chinese New Year is approaching! The annual Cambridge Chinese New Year Gala is the most important event on Chinese calendar. Every year, the Chinese New Year Gala brings laughter, warmth, spectacular performing art and fantastic festival atmosphere to Cambridge. It has become an unmissable cultural event of the year for Cambridge. In the coming sheep year, with the theme “Silk Road”, we hope the 22 performances, including magic, acrobatics, modern dances, traditional Chinese dances, choir, singing as well as talk-show will bring laugh and joy to you and hope it will remind you the way how you strived to realize your dreams.
Time: 19:30, 19th February 2015 (Door Opens at 18:45)
Venue: Cambridge Corn Exchange, Wheeler Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QB
1. The greetings from vice chancellor of Cambridge University
It is such a great honor for us to receive the greetings from Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, the vice chancellor of Cambridge University:
image (5)
Meanwhile, the minister counselor for education of the Chinese embassy, the mayor of Cambridge, the president of BPP University, the head of the Cambridge university research office, head of graduate admission office, heads of colleges、faculties and schools have confirmed their attendance to the CSSA CNY Gala.
2. The greetings from celebrities
We also received new year greetings from top popular stars in China for CNY gala, they are Ms Yike Zeng, Mr Tian Yu, Mr Jiaoshou, Mr Zi Mo, Mr Weijia Li, Mr Haitao Du, Ms Xin Wu, Mr Jiong He, Ms Na Xie, Ms Liangying Zhang, Mr Nan Sun, Mr Lei Tang, Ms Mu Wang, Mr Gengxu Lu, Mr Kun Chen, Mr Fengqiang Ouyang, Mr Jinxiang Yu, Mr Jian Kang, Mr Huijie Ju, Ms Yu Lu, Mr Tang Feng, Mr Zongsheng Li, Mr Hao Ju, Mr Xiaolong Zhang. Please click the link below to enjoy the video:
3.High Lights of 2015 Cambridge Chinese New Year Gala
Divided into four parts, Road of Dream, Road of Friendship, Road of Peace and Silk Road, CNY gala will never be purely performances, but a three-hour real experience of pursing your dreams. In the first chapter, you will be amazed by the Chinese Orchestra. You will also enjoy the beauty of piano and Chinese sopranos. Road of peace will take you to feel the charm of choir and magic. In the second half of the gala, you will experience the beauty of aerial acrobatics, the traditional lion dance and the humor of cross talk.
CNY Gala 2015 is also much honored to have attracted many big names to join the performances. Miss Yike Zeng, a very well-known singer, whose songs received millions of fans’ support and love; Mr Tian Yu, the new generation star of concern; Mr Ke Bai, Mr Jiao Shou, Mr Mo Zi, the main actor and director of a mini comedy in China, ‘I have never thought of’, which received millions of fans’ support and love. These celebrities’ unique performances will definitely bring the audiences a great experience of Chinese culture.
Gifts and Raffle prizes:
Except converting Corn Exchange to a mini China through decorations, all our guests will receive a ‘Gift Bag’: filled with Chinese silk, paper art and traditional Chinese snacks. Each gala ticket can be used as a 5-pound voucher in Orchid and the Café Oriental. Meanwhile, the first 100 audiences who enter the hall, can also get a free bubble tea from Chatime.
We also proudly present our top raffle prize: travel voucher to Scotland worthy £350 (for two persons). You will also have a big opportunity to win other cash vouchers from Chinese supermarkets and restaurants in Cambridge, with value of more than £100 (please find details below).
Top Raffle Prize: Travel voucher for two persons to Scotland worthy £350 (Sponsored by Wangping Travel)
First Raffle Prize: Cash Vouchers worth 200 pounds (Number: 4) (Sponsored by Seven Days, China City, Sweet Home supermarket and Sisley)
Second Raffle Prize: Cash Vouchers worth 100 pounds (Number:10) (Sponsored by Zhonghua Traditional Snacks, Charlie Chan, Sweet Home, Freshasia Food, China Blueand Sanxia Chinese restaurant)
Third Raffle Prize: Dumpling voucher worth 50 pounds or Attorney consultation voucher worth 150 pounds. (Number:20)(Sponsored by Freshasia Food or GEO Visa Applications UK )
Ticket Price (VIP & Standard):
Standard Ticket: £11.5; VIP Ticket: £16.5
VIP guests will enjoy:
– Best seats possible reserved in advance
– On top of the snack box, silk Chinese knot, unique pen and other secret Chinese handicrafts will be added to the gift bag
Ticketing officer:
Mr Xin Chang,, 07542857577, wechait: xinchanguk
Miss Xiaopei Su,, 07517596502, wechat: suxiaopei0304
4. Travel Strategy in Cambridge
To help audiences who come from other cities have a good time in Cambridge, CSSA will organize a free tour around Cambridge on Feb. 19th afternoon, from 13.30 to 16.30. The detailed information has already been sent to audiences who booked the tickets.
For information about booking hotels and traffic in Cambridge, please click the link below:
5. CSSA CNY GALA official website release
The new website of CSSA 2015 CNY GALA has been released, , please click the link for more information about the performances, the most recent news, the committee members, and the sponsors.
6. Acknowledgement
We send our great thanks to all of our sponsors, they are: Chinese Embassy, Mr Lin Li, Overseas Student Living, Tsinghua University CEO Alumni Association, Seven Days, Zhonghua Traditional Snacks, China City, Orchid, Shenzhen College of International Education, China Blue, Hongkong Fusion、Café Oriental, Cambridge Elite Education and Immigration Consultancy Limited Company, Sweet Home Super Market, Charlie Chan, Freshasia Foods, Wangping Travel, Chatime, Sisley, Sanxia Chinese restaurant, GEO Visa Applications UK,, BIUBIU, IM WAH Resturant, Golden House.