Love of Rainbow Enlighten the Hope of Migrant Children

——Report on a Social Service Action of the Project of “Love of Rainbow”
In April 23, 2015, a donation ceremony was held in “Beijing Guang Ai School”, a school for orphans and abandoned children. Beijing International Law Association’s social service project named “Love of Rainbow” donated 91 pairs of summer gym shoes (of brand “Double Star”-a famous national brand) to the orphans and abandoned children in this school.
Beijing International Law Association’s social service project of “Love of Rainbow” is supported by the government of Beijing through the administration of Beijing Law Association. And their service actions are directly or indirectly contribute to China in implementing the Convention on Children’s Rights (CRC) and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) as a party to the two conventions. This project implements its service together with some international organizations in Beijing, the function of these international organizations is to protect and promote the welfare and benefits of children.
Ms Aifen Xing, professor of international law who is in charge of this project together with 10 volunteer students from universities in Beijing especially from Beijing Normal University brought the shoes to this school. Professor Vincent Xiaoguang Qi, who is the Supervisor of Chinese Students & Scholars Association in Cambridge (CSSA Cambridge) and Member of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge also attended this social service action. Professor Xing gave a kind address in the ceremony. She gave these children warm regards and also transferred the love and greetings from the government of Beijing and from the whole society as well as from international society. Professor Xing also explained the three meanings of the project’s name of “Love of Rainbow” – the first meaning is that this project reflects the attention and protection of the government to the vulnerable children like the rainbow reflects sunshine; the second meaning is that the rainbow is like a bridge which connects Beijing International Law Association and international organizations; the third meaning is that this project, like the colorful of rainbow, attracts people of divers race including white people, black people, yellow people etc,. to attend and contribute to the promotion of children’s protection. The children and teachers of the Guang Ai School accepted the shores very happily and joyfully because summer is coming and the children will have their own beautiful suitable and good quality summer gym shoes to wear and enjoy in the playground and street….. This is the third times that the project of “Love of Rainbow” implementing its social service. And each time not only the migrant and vulnerable children got help and felt warm, but also both Professor Xing and volunteer students were benefit greatly because the smiling faces of the migrant children and orphans as well as abandoned children are so charming, sweet and valuable……
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