**Single formal*
Luckily, or Unluckily, Singles Day is secretly approaching us this weekend on 11th Nov 2012. Will you still be single by then? If yes, please come and join us for the Downing formal.
You will be surrounded by the gorgeous dining hall and served by romantic candle light dinner on the day. Your secret blind date will be arranged in advance. So hopefully this Sunday will be the day to celebrate your last Singles Day.
Tickets are specially limited and we follow first come first served basis.
If you are interested, please email Yang Peng (yp230).
Details are shown below:
Time: 7.30 pm  11th Nov 2012 (Sunday)
Venue: Downing College
不知不觉一年一度的单身节又悄悄地来临了。还是单身的你们可不能一人默默地过节哟!快快加入我们CSSA为您特别准备的Downing College单身节 Formal吧!
我们会提前为你安排一位秘密的约会者,并让你们一起在downing college美丽的dining hall 里享受烛光晚餐的浪漫和惬意!我们的特别企划环节更会让您带着惊喜和美丽的心情回家!
机会难得,请大家速速购票。有意者请联系:彭阳 (yp230)
时间:2012年11月11日 7.30pm (星期日)
地点:Downing College